3 Things to Know About Insurance for Substance Abuse Rehab Centers

Once an individual accepts that they need help, the next step will be to decide on treatment. Finding the right rehab facility can make recovery go smoother. Paying for treatment is a big factor in deciding on a facility and insurance often covers substance abuse treatment.

  1. Substance Abuse Treatment is an Essential Health Benefit
    According to gov, health insurance plans must cover certain essential health benefits. Among those benefits are mental health and substance abuse services.
  2. A Policy May Not Cover All Rehab Facilities
    Prior to seeking treatment, contact the insurance provider to determine the type of coverage provided by the policy. Knowing and understanding what coverage is available can make choosing a treatment facility easier. A policy may not cover certain forms of treatment, such as residential treatment.
  3. Insurance May Cover Extended Recovery Services
    Some services are available to help ensure the success of each client. Extended services include relapse prevention counseling, managing anger, anxiety and stress.

The inability to pay out of pocket does not have to be a barrier for anyone seeking treatment. It is important to investigate the various insurance options and payment plans when deciding to enter treatment. Contact Pathways to Recovery to determine the best payment option for you.