Recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction can be a very difficult and taxing process. One of the most important parts of recovery is the reshaping of entire lifestyles. Reshaping lifestyles, while also learning live a life free of drugs and alcohol, can be overwhelming and cause stress and discomfort. However, keeping a positive attitude and engaging in fun and therapeutic activities, in addition to attending meetings and groups, can help make the process more comfortable.

On the residential campus, there are many activities clients can engage in for a sense of excitement and thrill to help assist them in their recovery. Among these activities are playing volleyball and basketball, exercising, and going on trust outings. Clients can also attend outside 12-Step meetings or invite family and friends to attend specific groups or attend visitation, which is held twice per week.

A fun way for clients to exercise on campus is by playing basketball and volleyball. The residential campus offers a basketball hoop and volleyball court for clients to engage in friendly competitions with one another.

Clients can also exercise using the weight area provided on campus. The weight area has weights clients can use for resistance training and a punching bag – great for letting off some steam! Exercise provides many benefits to those in recovery, such as reducing and relieving stress, naturally altering brain chemistry, and increasing self-confidence. By exercising, clients are able to find a healthy and natural way to relieve their stress while improving both thier physical and mental health. Also, regular exercise fosters improved sleep, greater energy, and enhanced feelings of well-being, all of which make life more enjoyable and recovery that much more possible and sustainable.

In addition, clients can spend some of their time going on trust outings. Clients are given the opportunity to spend quality time off campus with their peers and staff members when they reach trust level within their program. Every Tuesday, clients go out for a fun day of bowling with their peers and staff. Every Friday, clients get to work with staff to decide where they would like to go for their trust outing. These trust outings include trips to the beach, library, bowling alley, parks, movies, museums, and the store. Not only do these trips allow clients a break from group therapy and assignments, but they also allow clients a chance to spend time with their peers in a fun and exciting environment. Building friendships and making connections with others in recovery can give clients a chance to build their support system as well as creating lasting friendships.

Along with fun and therapeutic activities, clients attend 12-Step meetings. These meetings include Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). When an individual is in recovery, he or she needs the support, understanding, and encouragement of others who have been or are currently going through similar circumstances. Listening to what others in recovery have to say is one of the best things for those who are serious about their recovery.