Addiction in the Workplace: Part 1

When most people begin abusing drugs or alcohol, they are often employed and able to function balancing all of life’s roles. Sometimes, the effects of substance abuse appear at work before family members notice. Attendance and punctuality are often the first signs of a problem, but job performance and peer relationships can also be indicators.

Many companies offer Employee Assistance Programs linking employees with local treatment resources. When outpatient treatment is insufficient, individuals seeking treatment should verify their employer’s substance abuse policies before seeking residential treatment. In many cases, employees can apply for leave from the Family Medical Leave Act to protect themselves during their time away from work and in treatment. Typically, this leave is unpaid. Again, before pursuing this option, the employee should become familiar with the company’s policies. While an employee cannot be terminated because of the request to seek treatment, some company policy’s state that any employee with a substance abuse problem will be terminated.

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