4 Physical Signs of Alcoholism that You Shouldn’t Ignore

physical signs of alcoholism

A recent study found that nearly 26 percent of people over the age of 18 said they binge drank in the last month.

This means 1 in every 4 adults engages in heavy alcohol consumption regularly. And because excessive drinking is fairly common, it can be hard to know the physical signs of alcoholism. Even harder to know when the signs warrant action.

Here are 4 physical signs of alcohol abuse that you shouldn’t ignore.

1. Unsteadiness/Dizziness

Alcohol can temporarily affect your coordination or balance. When a person drinks excessively, the parts of their brain that control stability can stop working.

There are two reasons that unsteadiness and dizziness are common physical signs of alcoholism to treat seriously.

First, it takes a lot of alcohol to reach the stage where this happens. It’s a signal that your loved one is binge drinking.

The second is the ramifications if this behavior continues. It can lead to falls and serious injuries, including brain injuries that result in irreversible harm. 

2. Significant Weight Loss/Gain

Alcohol consumption can definitely change a person’s body weight in either direction. 

Alcoholic beverages contain lots of calories and no real nutrition. They are void of things like vitamins and minerals, which can lead to malnutrition.

Drinking also changes appetite. For some people, it kills their desire to eat. Others binge eat at the end of the night or alongside their drinking.

Either way, severe dietary or weight changes are two of the warning signs of alcoholism. Weight gain and loss do not happen overnight, which means the person is probably drinking regularly.

3. Skin Problems

You may have heard before that the skin is the body’s largest organ. It is, and it’s also the number one thing that keeps us healthy. Your skin the body’s first line of defense from pathogens that make you sick. 

Unfortunately, alcohol abuse really damages our skin health. It dries out the skin and compromises the immune system.

Deteriorating skin health is one of the early signs of an alcohol problem. Left unchecked, it could lead to more serious issues caused by a compromised immune system later.

4. Ignoring the Physical Signs

Chronic alcohol abuse can seriously ruin a body. The skin, stomach, liver, all take a beating. Plus things like personal hygiene and self-care tend to go out the window.

It’s a sign that someone you know is abusing alcohol if these signs are being ignored, downplayed, or perhaps even laughed at. This tells you the person is either not honestly assessing the situation or avoiding the possibility that they may need addiction treatment. And that means they probably need help.

Physical Signs of Alcoholism

The physical signs of alcoholism can be hard to see in a loved one. But taking proactive measures when you notice the signs is the best way to get them healthy again.

Signs to look out for include dizziness, skin issues, weight loss, or gain. Also, take note of the person’s attitude towards these physical signs. If they aren’t taking it seriously, you may need to step in and do it for them.

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