5 Signs of Drug Addiction

signs of drug addiction

An addiction to drugs is one of the most devastating problems in life, whether it is ourselves, friends, or family who is the addict.

Do you know some common signs of drug addiction?

It’s something we should all know and be aware of. Substance use disorders are some of the biggest problems afflicting Americans today. Two-in-five Americans struggle with illicit drugs, and three-in-four with alcohol use. A staggering one-in-nine struggle with both concurrently.

1. Distance From Loved Ones

Addicts have a habit of distancing themselves more and more as they go deeper into addiction. People try to redirect the addict’s energy and focus elsewhere, but the addict can only see it one way. Usually, it’s a fear of judgment or disapproval that forces an addict to distance themselves.

Attacking the problem, not the person, is the best approach. Show you’re with them, not against them.

2. Using Prescriptions Even When It’s Unnecessary

Many people start out with a legitimate need for pain relief, which prompts their doctors to prescribe medication. This medication, however, is only a cover for pain until a wound heals and the euphoria can be hard to give up. Taking it for a long time because of pain management could cause dependence, even when the pain is long gone.

If the pain is gone and the addict is trying to extend their prescription by any means possible, it’s a strong sign.

3. Experiencing Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms come in different varieties and an addict may not experience all at once. They generally include nausea, sweating, tremors, and irritability — though there are many more. Some symptoms are even quite dangerous and need to be handled by professionals in a rehab clinic. 

4. Physical and Personality Changes

Change of priorities, aggression, and willingness to engage in criminal activity are common signs of drug abuse, especially if they’re swift changes to personality.

Glazed over eyes, along with dramatic and quick changes in weight, skin, and dental conditions are clear physical signs. A little less noticeable are issues sleeping too much or too little.

Any large swing in a short period can be an indication something isn’t right.

5. Tolerance to the Drug Is Getting Higher

If a drug use of some kind is known and you notice a rise in the need for more of the substance for the same effect, this is an increase of tolerance. Tolerance to substances is a natural reaction to the body adapting. When it continues to grow to ever higher limits for the same effect as before, addiction symptoms become more obvious.

Some of the Signs of Drug Addiction

These signs of drug addiction are by no means the only ones. If you suspect drug addiction, it’s important to approach it carefully so the person doesn’t pull away.

Some of these signs are symptoms shared by serious physical and mental illnesses and should be talked about in a nonjudgmental way. If a doctor can’t find any other reason than probably substance use disorder, it might be time to do more than talk.

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