5 Signs You Need to Seek Addiction Rehab in Florida

addiction rehab in Florida

When is enough, enough? When you’re deep in the throws of alcohol or drug use it can be challenging to come to the realization that you need help. It’s so easy for substance use to spin out of control and turn to substance abuse.

At what point do you need to seek an addiction rehab in Florida? There are multiple signs that you can look out for that indicate you may need help.

1. Not Able to Keep Up

One major red flag that your substance use has become an addiction is that you’re not able to stay on top of work, school, familial responsibilities, or personal hygiene.

If you notice your boss talking to you about your work performance, have a professor that is on your case for missing work, or have a partner that’s not comfortable with your effort at home, it may be time to seek help.

An obvious physical sign that you’re not prioritizing your time right because of your addiction is lack of hygiene. You may shower less, not take the time to make yourself presentable, or not wear appropriate¬†clothing.

2. Withdrawal Symptoms

Do you experience withdrawal symptoms when you’re not using? If you’re not sure, be on the lookout for symptoms like nausea, headaches, irritability, or paranoia.

If it’s been a few hours since your last use or drinks, these symptoms may be attributed to withdrawing from your substance of choice. Your body has relied on them to function and has a chemical need for the substance. If you’re addicted, you’ll experience these things while trying to detox, and you may need support.

3. You’re Messing With the Law

No one wants to get into legal trouble, but it’s somewhere you may find yourself in the middle of an addiction.

If you’ve operated a vehicle while drunk or high, fight while intoxicated, or become publicly intoxicated or violent, you will get into serious trouble.

This may be the rude awakening one needs to realize that their substance use has become problematic.

4. Health Problems Caused by Use

One major indication of needing rehab is when you physically get ill from drinking or using.

Alcohol causes damage to the brain, heart, and liver while opiate abuse can cause breathing issues and brain damage. Stimulant use can have an immense effect on your heart and may cause cardiovascular issues and severe mental health problems.

If you go to the doctor and they bring up new changes in your health, however scary it seems, it’s imperative to not ignore them. You don’t want to get worse.

5. Your Relationships Are Strained

This may not be something that you necessarily notice while you’re deep in addiction. When you have the comfort of alcohol and drugs, you don’t necessarily need the company of humans.

Substance abuse plays a major part in family, friends, and work relationships.

One clear way that you can figure out if you need rehab is if your friends and family are expressing concern about you. If many people are speaking up or no longer around, pay attention.

Need an Addiction Rehab in Florida?

You may have only one of these signs, or you may have all of them. If you have a feeling that you are in need of addiction rehab in Florida, don’t hesitate to reach out and seek help.

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