7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Alcohol Rehab Center

alcohol rehab center

According to the 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, over 14% of Americans have Alcohol Use Disorder, or AUD. AUD is the clinical term for what most people think of as alcoholism: the inability to control or cease one’s drinking even in the face of serious consequences.

If your alcohol use has led to broken relationships, economic struggles, or legal concerns, it’s time to consider checking into an alcohol rehab center. Read on to learn about the questions to ask when searching for a rehab that’s perfectly suited to your needs.

1. Do You Accept My Insurance?

Some rehabilitation facilities accept health insurance for all or part of their costs. Others do not. If you are lucky enough to have health insurance, to begin with, you’ll want to ask this question right off the bat.

2. How Much Does it Cost?

Don’t have insurance coverage? It’s not necessarily a dealbreaker. Many rehabs offer financial aid and sliding-scale fees. But however you plan on paying, it’s important to understand the costs involved before going any further in your research.

3. Can You Help Me Detox?

Many people are still actively drinking or using their drug of choice when they first enter rehab. In some cases, withdrawal from an addictive substance can be dangerous, even deadly. Even when the addiction is milder, withdrawal is nearly always uncomfortable.

Luckily, many rehab centers also offer medically supervised detox. Doctors and nurses are on hand to monitor the patient’s vitals and mitigate their symptoms. Sometimes they administer sedatives or other drugs to help with withdrawal. And in the event that a medical issue crops up, they can intervene quickly.

4. What Are the Living Quarters Like?

Some rehabs have accommodations akin to a luxury hotel, while others are more like a college dorm. You may be able to request a private room if you’re uncomfortable sharing a space with others. However, at some facilities, bunking with another addict and living communally is considered a critical aspect of recovery.

5. How Long Will I Stay?

The duration of an individual’s stay in rehab varies widely, of course, depending on many factors. The majority of facilities offer 30, 60, and 90-day stays, but there are also longer-term options available in other rehab programs.

At the end of a brief stay, you may be advised to continue inpatient treatment, or you may opt to remain for longer. But it’s good to know what timeframe you might be looking at.

6. What Services Are Available?

More and more, holistic and alternative therapies are being integrated into traditional rehab programs. You might be able to supplement treatment with yoga, meditation, hiking, taking care of animals or a garden, reiki, acupuncture, fitness activities, art therapy, and the like.

7. Can My Family Get Involved?

There’s plenty of evidence showing that a strong support system is crucial to a successful recovery. Ideally, your loved ones should be involved from the very start of your treatment. Look for a rehab that offers support groups, counseling, and other services for family members.

If the facility doesn’t offer those onsite, they should be able to connect you with local or online resources that will help your loved ones grow and recover along with you.

The Best Alcohol Rehab Center for You

There have never been more options for addiction treatment than there are today. With a wealth of facilities, approaches, amenities, and modalities to choose from, it’s not hard to find an alcohol rehab center that will help you put down the drink and discover a whole new life!