7 Signs You Might Be an Alcoholic and How to Get Help


Did you know that one in eight American adults meet the criteria for alcohol use disorder? This problem is so common because of how easy it is to abuse alcohol and not even know it. If you are concerned about your growing use of alcohol, you could be an alcoholic.

Read on to learn about seven signs you might be an alcoholic.

1. You Don’t Quit Drinking

If you have vowed to quit drinking, but don’t follow that promise, you may have a drinking problem. You might be an alcoholic if you continue to have the same negative experiences with alcohol but just can’t seem to stop drinking.

2. New Pattern of Lateness

Whether it is to work, social engagements, or school, being late is a sign of alcoholism. This is generally only the case when this pattern wasn’t present before.

If this has been a normal pattern for you, alcoholism may not be the problem. However, becoming inconsistent in life can be one of the signs you might be an alcoholic.

3. Your Life Revolves Around Alcohol

Experiencing alcohol withdrawal is unpleasant for an alcoholic. To combat this issue, you may revolve your life, especially your social life, around alcohol. If you find yourself not agreeing to plans because they don’t involve alcohol, you may need to consider alcoholics anonymous.

4. You Hold Your Liquor Better

Alcohol poisoning usually stops being an issue if you tend to drink more than normal. This means your body is getting used to the large amounts of alcohol you consume.

If you can hold your liquor better than in the past, this could be a sign that you are drinking too much. If you find yourself gulping down a drink instead of sipping it promptly, you could be an alcoholic.

5. You Get Into Risky Situations

The most obvious risky situation an alcoholic may get into is drink driving. However, experiencing cuts, bruises, unsafe sex, poor judgment, and more could be issues for an alcoholic. If alcoholism continues, it could lead to more extreme circumstances like financial problems, job loss, and sometimes prison time.

6. Personality Changes

Another one of the major signs you might be an alcoholic is personality changes. Because alcohol is normally used to masked a bigger issue, alcohol can cause a person to feel differently. Experiencing an extreme personality change should influence you to get help with alcoholics anonymous.

7. Memory Loss

An alcoholic may not experience alcohol poisoning because of their high tolerance, but they will often blackout. This means they are conscious, but has memory lapses from the night before. If you find yourself always forgetting what you did while you were drinking, you could be an alcoholic.

If You’re an Alcoholic, We Can Help

It is easy to become addicted to alcohol and not realize it. If you have not been careful with your alcohol use and find yourself experiencing some of these symptoms, you may be an alcoholic. This is nothing to be ashamed of as there are places out there that can help you get back to the real you.

For help from a licensed, not-for-profit alcohol and drug treatment rehabilitation center, contact us today.