Are They Addicted? 6 Signs That Someone Is An Addict

signs of addiction

Nearly 21 millions Americans suffer from a substance addiction of some kind. While some of these individuals present their addictions fairly obviously, many of them tend to hide their addictions away from family, friends, and colleagues. 

Do you question whether someone you’re close with is suffering from an addiction? Wondering how to tell whether or not addiction is present?  Here are 6 signs of addiction to look out for. 

1. Loss of Interest in Hobbies 

Does your loved one seem to have a lessened interest in a hobby that he or she once enjoyed thoroughly? If so, addiction could be at the root of the problem.

Those who develop addictions often lose interest in everything but the substance that they’re addicted to. They will forego once-loved activities in favor of getting their next fix. 

2. High Spending on Potentially Addictive Substances 

Another sign that your close friend or family member is suffering from an addiction is if he or she is spending huge amounts of money on potentially addictive substances. While sporadically spending small amounts of money on alcohol or marijuana isn’t a huge cause for concern, regularly spending hundreds of dollars on potentially addictive substances is.

Do your best to monitor your loved one’s spending habits. If huge amounts of money are being spent on drugs, you’ll need to have a conversation with your loved one about drug abuse. 

3. Friendships With Questionable Individuals 

It’s healthy for human beings to make new friends. However, not every new friendship is a good friendship. Some friendships are formed through the sharing of negative activities, particularly drug use. 

If your loved one is hanging out with some questionable new people, it should give you pause. Try to ascertain the nature of your loved one’s relationship with these people. 

4. Inability to Tend to Responsibilities 

Is your loved one regularly forgetting to pay the bills? Is he or she repeatedly calling off from work? Is his or her house a general pigsty? 

If so, addiction could be the culprit. Those with addictions often have a difficult time tending to their necessary responsibilities. 

5. Spending a Lot of Time Alone 

Perhaps your loved one is spending a lot more time alone than he or she once did?

If so, there are two probable culprits:

1. Depression, and

2. Addiction. 

Often times, depression breeds addiction. A depressed individual will often shut him or herself away from other people and use addictive substances to self-medicate. 

6. High Tolerance to Addictive Substances 

There are plenty of people who indulge in illegal substances but who are not addicts. After all, not everyone you see at the bar is addicted to alcohol. 

Usually, you can tell the difference between an addict and a non-addict by their respective tolerances. For example, while a non-addict might be drunk after 6 beers, an addict might not be drunk until he or she consumes 12 beers.

The more that someone indulges in a specific substance, the higher the tolerance he or she will have for that substance. Ergo, higher tolerance equals a higher chance of being an addict. 

Have You Noticed Signs of Addiction?

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