Are You an Addict? 4 Signs of Addiction That Indicate You Need Help

signs of addiction

At what point does casual drinking or drug use become an addiction? If you were addicted to a drug, would you know? Being aware of your own addiction and wanting to receive addiction treatment is the best way to overcome it and find sobriety. 

How can you tell if you have a drug addiction? There are several signs of addiction. In the guide below, you’ll discover a few of those signs. 

Continue reading to learn about signs of drug addiction and how to find help at a Florida rehab center. 

1. You Continue Using Prescriptions When No Longer Needed

You were once prescribed a pill by your doctor for pain relief. You took the pills as directed, but now you feel the desire or need to continue taking this medication even though you’re no longer in pain. When you must take pain medication for a long period of time, your body might become dependent on it.

You request more refills from your doctor. When your refills run out, you then begin to search for other ways to get hold of the medication. These are signs of pill addiction.  

2. The Drugs Are Your Priority 

Before you began drinking or taking drugs, what was your first priority? Was it taking care of your elderly parents or your children? Were you once focused on climbing the career ladder at your job?

Think about what your priorities are now. If you place drugs before everything else, then this is another sign that you have a drug addiction. 

3. You’ve Distanced Yourself From Loved Ones

When people become addicted to drugs, they have a tendency to distance themselves from loved ones. As the desire to use drugs becomes more intense, you might find yourself spending more time away from the people you love. Addicts can become lost in the drug-abuse world, which isn’t the lifestyle of their close friends or family. 

Whether it’s the fear of being judged or something else, it’s important not to distance yourself. You need to have a strong support system to lift you up and get you through these difficult times.

4. You Experience Withdrawal Symptoms

Have you recently tried to wean yourself off of the drug you’re addicted to? Did you experience withdrawal symptoms? The symptoms you experience can vary depending on the type of drug and your own body. 

You might experience irritability, nausea, vomiting, sweating, tremors, shaking, and more. If this sounds familiar, then it might be time to seek professional help at an addiction rehab in Florida. 

Know the Signs of Addiction and Seek Help

When you know the signs of addiction, you can then make the best decision for yourself. Once you realize you have an addiction problem, be sure to seek the help you need and deserve. 

At Pathways Florida Treatment and Recovery Center, we’ll help you find your path to recovery. 

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