Can a Drug Addict Drink Alcohol?

I’m in recovery. Can I have a drink if my addiction involved another drug?

This is a question that was recently (and commonly) asked by one of our clients. In short, we recommend those in recovery abstain from using all mind-altering substances.

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For those who are early into their recovery, it is very easy to replace one type of addiction with another. Think of someone who stops smoking cigarettes and gains weight because they’d started snacking between meals. If you are in recovery after abusing drugs, regardless if it is prescription pills, heroin, cocaine or any other addictive substance, alcohol could easily become a replacement drug.

Pathways encourages clients to seek healthy alternatives as they start a life of recovery, focusing on items that help nourish the mind and body. For examples, clients in the Pathways program enjoy three nutritious meals daily. Exercise and yoga programs are positive activities that reinforce the start of a new, healthy lifestyle.

Alcohol lessens inhibitions and could make someone in recovery think, “I drank and I’m okay, I can use again and it won’t hurt me.” This thought process could trigger a relapse.

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