Choosing Recovery Often Means Choosing A Healthy Lifestyle

Many people don’t realize that a healthy lifestyle and recovery go hand in hand. There are multiple, varying reasons this is the case.

Often, when people are in addictive addiction, they feed their addiction rather than their bodies. Many of our clients arrive dehydrated and with other medical issues simply because their lifestyle has not promoted healthy diet and exercise habits. As people enter into a life of recovery, it is important that they incorporate a healthy diet into their lifestyle. Several studies have shown that proper nutrition can make those in recovery feel better both physically and mentally.

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Other risks for people who are new to recovery are posed by diet. Sugar can cause alcoholics crave alcohol and others may binge eat to suppress cravings to use. It is not uncommon for an individual new to recovery to replace a drug/alcohol addiction with a food addiction. It is important to discuss your concerns with your counselor if you feel you may be fulfilling your cravings for drugs with food, especially if they are not healthy choices.

Pathways works with a dietician to develop a menu of healthy meal options for clients so they can begin adapting to a healthy lifestyle while in treatment. For more information about the Pathways treatment program, call 855-349-5988.