Do You Express Any of These Addictive Personality Traits?

addictive personality traits

You’re here for a reason. You might be scared, and you’re looking for answers. Maybe it’s for you, or maybe it’s for someone you care about.

Doing preliminary research about addiction, drug addict personality traits, or inpatient addiction rehab is an excellent place to start. This article could be an awakening for those who are lost or looking for direction. Learn about addictive personality traits here before it’s too late.

What Are The Most Common Addictive Personality Traits?

Analyzing your behavior can tell you a lot about your likelihood of becoming an addict. Having certain characteristics does not automatically put you on the road to addiction, but being armed with this knowledge can help you gameplan to avoid future dependencies


There are multiple layers of lying when it comes to addiction. Not only will users lie to others, but they will also lie to themselves. They will convince themselves that they are not an addict, and have full control of the substance, and “can quit anytime they want to.” 

The deeper the addiction, the more they will defend their actions with lies. They lie to others and double-down on the lies in order to maintain the current lifestyle that they are dependent upon. 


An addict can manipulate and take advantage of the people they love or care about in order to get money or barter items to fulfill their needs. They exploit the unconditional love from parents or siblings and consistently break promises, hurting those closest to them. 

Breaking the Law

Some addiction is so powerful that the user will go to great lengths for a fix. These behaviors can include theft, physical harm, prostitution, or more extreme criminal behaviors. When this point is reached, preserving the addiction has taken priority over consequences. If the addict is in this stage, addiction treatment programs are critical.

Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem can allow a person to be influenced by others into negative behaviors that conflict with their own core values. Addiction can begin with people of low self-esteem, seeking companionship and taking drugs to fit in with a certain crowd. Being stuck in the cycle of the highs of addiction and lows of poor self-esteem can be a difficult struggle to overcome. 

Acting on Impulse

People who consistently act without thinking or considering their actions have a high probability of having personality traits associated with addiction. Addiction is an impulsive behavior, where the effects of the immediate high take precedence over the long-term damage of the drug. This also extends to impulsive behaviors like stealing, driving while intoxicated, or violence.

The Beginning of Your Journey

These are only a few of many addictive personality traits that could lead to dependence. Take a moment to reflect upon these characteristics and think about the path you’re currently on. What changes can you make to start a more positive journey?

Battling addiction is a constant process, and you can take it one day at a time. For help, please contact the Pathways Florida Treatment and Recovery Center at 855-224-7257.