Florida Drug Recovery Program Success Rates

A common question asked by the general public, as well as those seeking treatment, is what is your success rate?

For providers of substance abuse treatment, this is a really complicated question to answer and if you ask the question and get a quick “sounds too good to be true” answer, it probably is.

There are many ways you can measure program success and a few examples are below:

1 – The percentage of clients remaining drug-free throughout the treatment cycle
2 – The percentage of clients successfully completing the program
3 – The percentage of clients who remain clean and sober 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years or 10 years post treatment

While keeping track of clients who complete a program and remain clean and sober throughout is easy, surveying former clients about sobriety has shortfalls. Some clients may move out of an area without leaving any forwarding information, others may not be forthcoming about their success/relapses.

When evaluating different treatment providers, ask about what they offer to increase post-treatment success.

1 – Is there an aftercare or alumni program to keep recent/former clients engaged in recovery?
2 – Do they offer or are they affiliated with any sort of post-treatment sober housing?
3 – Does the treatment center work to integrate clients into the recovery community where each person can develop their own recovery support network?

Pathways clients are able to enjoy post-treatment benefits of weekly aftercare; Pathways is linked to a small, affordable, sober housing apartment complex; Pathways requires clients to attend outside 12-Step meetings, seek sponsorship and develop a recovery support network.

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