How Does Heroin Affect the Brain After Both Short and Long Term Use?

how does heroin affect the brain

Heroin is a drug that can ravage the mind and body of the person that uses it. But, to understand precisely the damage that the drug causes, you must dig deeper into the facts when it comes to how does heroin affects the brain.

All of the chemicals within the brain react to everything that we put into our bodies. That includes inserting drugs into our bodies. Every time an addict uses heroin, their bodies will have a reaction to the drug.

We are going to give you all the details when it comes to figuring out the long-lasting damage that heroin can inflict on the brain after long term and short term use. Let’s ask the question, “how does heroin affect the brain”?

How Does Heroin Affect The Brain?

The term for cells in your brain that react to things you put into your bodies are called receptors. Every time heroin is injected into the body, those receptors that respond to the drug are called opioid receptors.

These receptors will alter the way the user feels anxiety, pleasure, stress, pain, and any other emotion you could think of. These receptors will also affect the way the user breathes. Also, the way that they sleep and the appetite that they have.

Short Term Effects on the Brain

The effects that are felt when heroin enters the user’s system is when the drug attaches itself to the opioid receptors within the brain. Which then causes the user’s initial feeling of that euphoric high.

In less than 30 minutes, the addict’s body will convert the heroin into 6-mam and morphine. Once the heroin has been converted to morphine and 6-mam, it remains within the user’s system for hours after the initial injection.

The effects after the drug has been converted aren’t going to be as strong as when the heroin was ingested.

Long Term Effects on the Brain

Your brain remembers everything that has helped you to feel pleasure. Meaning the brain will remember how the heroin made you feel, and your body will continue to seek that feeling that it got from the use of heroin.

Heroin overwhelms the receptors in the brain that control the reward and pleasure systems, which in turn causes permanent damage to the user’s brain. The user will continue to crave heroin because it alters the way they process their emotions.

Damage Caused by Heroin

Heroin slows down the breathing of the user to the point that it can become dangerous. In turn, this can stop the brain from receiving the oxygen that it needs to function.

If the brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen, then brain cells begin to die, and if enough brain cells die, then eventually the user will die as well. Typically, the cause of a heroin addict losing their lives is due to issues with breathing.

This is why they need help and to be entered into treatment.

Heroin Is Tough To Kick

It’s never too late to ask for help or understand how to help one of your loved ones out of an addiction. We’ve answered the question of how does heroin affect the brain and much more.

Equipped with this information, it will help you to take the next necessary steps in your life. If you need help planning your next move and getting treatment contact us now.