Is It Beneficial to Travel Out of State for Rehab?

The most important decision a person struggling with addiction will make is choosing a rehab facility. While some find comfort in seeking treatment close to home, others will opt to seek treatment far from home.

Local and long-distance treatment centers each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some things to consider.

Do you live in a region that has a comprehensive substance abuse treatment center? This means, does the facility provide a full scope of services ranging from detox, residential treatment and aftercare? Do you live near a facility that is accredited? As you research rehab facilities, be sure to consider only those that are accredited. What does this mean? Accreditation means that an organization receives periodic reviews, similar to an audit, on how services are provided. An organization who is accredited is demonstrating that they are committed to the highest level of treatment standards and care and are always striving to improve.

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Do the treatment programs near you have the ability to handle complex cases? The most effective methods of treating substance abuse involve science-based therapeutic techniques that help clients deal with the root cause of the substance abuse problems, such as a past trauma, an underlying mental health disorder or an addiction that stems from the legitimate prescription of a pain medication following an injury or surgical procedure.

How is your relationship with your family? For some, family support is a key step to success and finding a program that allows visitation or regular phone calls is important. For others, especially when multiple members of a family have substance abuse issues, removing yourself from that situation and getting rehab out of town is more beneficial. If you are committed to changing your life, you may need to be far away from relatives who could sabotage your efforts.

What are your triggers? If you live in a small, remote location, chances are, your triggers are everywhere. You would be best served to find a treatment facility that is far from your triggers. A trigger could be friends, stressful relationships or other environmental factors that could take your focus away from recovery.

Are you looking for something that is more discreet? Though most treatment facilities have strict privacy guidelines and need to comply with federal HIPAA regulations, there is merit to going to a treatment facility far from home. Especially for those in high profile positions, it is easy to say that you are taking a sabbatical to Florida than heading off to 28-days in a treatment facility.

Regardless if you live in Sarasota, the state of Florida, or any other destination in the country, Pathways provides quality substance abuse treatment for those committed to a life in recovery. Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) is a comprehensive treatment center providing detox, 28-day or extended care treatment programs, aftercare and links to transitional or sober housing. Using evidence-based treatment methods, Pathways is capable of treating the most challenging and unique cases. Clients are able to receive visitors on weekends and phone calls are permitted under the supervision of the counseling staff.

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