Is Your Friend a Wine Mom or An Alcoholic? How to Tell the Difference

wine mom

Wine mom culture had taken off in the last few years thanks to YouTube and TikTok. Wine mom culture is drinking wine because of the stress of raising children and being a mom. The videos shows mom filling up wine glasses and drinking.

The trend has caught on with many women, but it may hide a true alcohol addiction. How can you tell the difference between a casual wine mom and someone using the trend to cater to their addiction? We created this guide to help people know if you or someone you know is addicted to alcohol and using the wine mom trend as an excuse to drink.

How Much Does the Wine Mom Drink?

There is nothing wrong with drinking the occasional glass of wine but drinking heavily when taking care of children is a recipe for disaster. High-risk drinking is drinking more than four drinks per day and wine mom culture created a jump in this behavior.

If you or a mother you know partakes in wine multiple times a day, then they might have an alcohol addiction. If they are visibly inebriated in front of the children or when taking care of the children, then you should talk with them about the behavior.

Children can get into trouble quickly and you need to be fully in control. Is a wine mom an alcoholic? Absolutely not, it all depends on how much they drink and how often.

Mommy Wine Group Becomes Exclusionary

Moms need an outlet and being together with a group of other moms is the perfect place to vent your frustration and feel connection and camaraderie. Mom groups are wonderful until they become exclusionary for people that don’t drink wine.

Wine mom groups treat people differently because they prefer not to drink is a sign they may drink too much. Sober people can be excluded because the other moms may feel judged for drinking. They may exclude the sober moms from playdates and other events because she doesn’t drink.

This may be a warning sign of alcohol addiction. It doesn’t help that there are T-shirts, tumblers, and other items glorifying the behavior. Check out a Florida rehab center.

Signs of an Alcoholic

The wine mom phenomenon is widespread and allowed many people on the brink of alcoholism to normalize their behavior. If anyone in a wine group begins to have mood swings and irritability, then they could be drinking too much.

Alcoholics tend to drink alone or hide their drinking. For wine moms, this includes public social drinking and then drinking alone or hiding their alcohol. Being a wine mom is an excuse to drink, but if they continue to come up with new excuses to drink, then they may having an alcohol problem.

Keep an Eye on Your Wine Mom Friends

If you know someone that is a wine mom and drinks too much, then please help them find help with addiction rehab in Florida. There is a way through this, but they must know they have a problem.

If you want to learn more about alcohol rehabilitation, then please contact us today.