Substance Abuse – The Cost to the Community

Individually, we usually don’t think about how substance abuse impacts the communities where we live. If you haven’t had direct dealings with substance abuse, you may feel that it doesn’t affect you at all. Here are some things to consider – When people develop a full-fledged addiction, a downward cycle develops. Quite often, unemployment, crime, homelessness, medical and mental health issues factor into the equation. These are the major challenges faced by most of the communities in our country. How does the community reduce crime? How does the community deal with homelessness? What programs have been set up to help assist the homeless, especially those suffering from chronic substance abuse issues?

Speak to someone who works in an emergency room, as a paramedic or with law enforcement and they can share stories of how substance abuse has destroyed the lives of so many and how much of their time is spent treating/working with people that have an addictive disorder. Talk to a social worker who can tell you how substance abuse is the primary reason children are removed from their parent’s home. Chat with a human resources director of a major corporation and learn about their substance abuse policies and the role addiction plays in attendance issues or workplace accidents.

If you suspect a friend or family member is abusing drugs or alcohol, do not let them become one of the statistics reported by hospitals, law enforcement and child protection agencies. Encourage them to seek help before damage can be done.

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