How do I ask my family to help pay for addiction treatment?

It takes great courage and a true desire to change your life when you admit to your family that you have a substance abuse problem and need their help to pay for addiction treatment. Depending on how your relationship with your family is, this conversation can go many different ways. Here are some tips.

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1. Be honest. Recognize and apologize for all of the things you have done and regret during your addiction. This could be challenging depending on how much you have eroded their trust.

2. Share your feelings about why you are ready for help. Again, be honest, show that you have learned from your mistakes and accept responsibility for what you have done. You may have already been down this road before. Create a plan for how you want to turn your life around. Write down your plan. Show them where your pitfalls were last time and how you plan to do things differently this time.

3. Invite your family to research treatment centers with you and make them part of the decision-making process.

4. If they are paying for your treatment, they should pay the treatment center directly rather than giving the money to you. This way, their money goes where you promise it is going.

5. Once in addiction treatment, include them in the treatment process as much as the treatment center will allow.

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