What to Know About Choosing a Drug Detox Program

For those committed to long-term sustainable recovery, the first step is selecting a detoxification process to accompany a long-recovery program. Different substances stay within the body for varying periods of time. An average stay in detox is three to 10 days. Think of detox as a way to cleanse and rid the body of these toxins so that the individual can think clearly and begin living a healthy lifestyle.

During the detox process, individuals may experience cravings and physical side effects which may include severe stomach cramping, vomiting, nausea and digestive issues. A residential detox allows medical staff to monitor vital signs, as well as guide clients through both the physical and emotional process of withdrawal. Additionally, a focus on good nutrition and vitamins is introduced during detox.

The combination of a medically supervised detox and the introduction to good nutritional habits prepare clients physically and mentally to enter a treatment program.

Going back out into the real world before one is ready can precipitate the desire to keep using. Help your friends and loved ones get help by directing them to our intensive 28-day detox program.